Overmolded Cables

In response to growing customer requests for custom cables, over-molding and assembly services, American Cable and Electronics has continued to add over-molding equipment to its production capability. This allows us to respond to quick turn requests, and satisfy clients with longer product run requirements.

Custom cable over-molded products offer customers higher quality and longer lasting products. American Cable and Electronics is one of the few players in the market today positioned to offer customers both flexible quick-turn and low cost manufacturing solutions to their specific production needs.

Embedded circuits or overmolded PCB can dramatically open up new design opportunities for your products!

By incorporating embedded circuit technology you can solve a multitude of interface challenges and also provide a low cost option for custom applications which would otherwise require costly changes to motherboards and other system components.

ACE has teamed up with highly capable PCB manufacturers to help you incorporate your SMT or throughhole components onto a single or multilayer board which can then be secured inside virtually any cable connector enclosure and overmolded. Overmolded circuits have many design considerations including temperature, pressure and layout constraints.  Let ACE assist you in the best component and materials selection as well as production of your embedded circuit cables.

  • Bus terminators
  • LED indicators
  • Signal switching
  • Breakouts
  • Gender/connector changes
  • Power converters
  • OEM custom circuits applications